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Posted by scrc131 at Aug 12, 2015, 9:36:14 PM
trying to link more than one localendar account with Google calendar
I have two calendars on localendar and I have just found where i can link these calendars with my google calendar that i have. I'm able to open my smart phone and see only entries from one of my localendars. I can see that both of my localendars have been synced with google calendar but none of the events from one of my localendar accounts doesn't show. The other one shows just fine. Even if i turn off all calendars except the one in question i still see no entries from that calendar. I have even made a test entry and told google to post it on the localendar account in question and then I can see it on google calendar but it does not show on this website. shouldn't entries put on my google calendar show up on the localendar accounts also?

Posted by support at Aug 23, 2015, 1:57:32 AM
Re: trying to link more than one localendar account with Google calendar
I think you are talking about both a localendar imported onto Google, and a Google calendar imported onto localendar.

Google doesn't update their iCal export the instant you add a new event (localendar does work this way, btw), so if you add an event to Google it doesn't show up on localendar immediately.

localendar's iCal export only includes public events. Is the calendar where you see no events on Google only composed of private events perhaps?

I'd need to know the calendar you exported to suggest anything further.
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