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Posted by OPwebmaster at Aug 14, 2015, 12:27:05 AM
Email Reminder needs
I find the Email reminder option to be of significant benefit when other's add events to a calendar.

But there are several items that I would either like to have added, or have a workaround for.

1. I have various Custom Categories on this calendar, and the action that the Email recipient takes depends on which custom category the writer chose. Is it possible to display the Custom Category somewhere on the Email reminder? Since the sender has already selected the appropriate category, he should not be required to also manually type it into the text.

2. You automatically add a bottom line that says "Thank you for using www.localendar.com." That is fine, but you add it immediately after the last line of text that the sender wrote. Depending on what was written, the recipient can easily interpret that as an action required as part of the Email. Would it be possible to space that line down 5 or 6 spaces BELOW the last line of text? You would still have your advertising message, and the recipient should never get confused.

3. Is there some way that I can preset the scheduling of reminder Emails? I always have the same lead time and Email list for all entries on the calendar.

4. I know this has been asked before, but I would like at least double the space for adding Email addresses to the Reminder defaults Email Lists 1 & 2. You suggested that folks should use Google or Yahoo Groups, but that is just another layer of complexity, and another service that my users have to sign up for.


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