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Posted by SanJuanMissionFL at Feb 2, 2016, 4:24:48 AM
Premium Services Question
Hello, I am still in free month stage and plan on upgrading to one of the premium packages... I need some guidance on the upper premium package ($129)... to be sure I understand the additional personal calendar... this is what I would like to do but am not sure I understand how they work. My localendar is posted to our Church Website.

This is what I am hoping: Will I (and my Church leadership team members) be able to create a personal localendar that automatically downloads to it all the events on the Main Church Calendar and also to which I can put my personal and private appointments that will not migrate to the Main Church Calendar? Thus not having to maintain two calendars????? Is this how it works? Thanks so much. Deacon Paul, Branford Florida.

Posted by support at Feb 6, 2016, 11:13:30 PM
Re: Premium Services Question
You can accomplish what you want with calendar merging (which is part of Webmaster Premium). You don't need the Cobranding service (which is for allowing visitors to your site to create their own personal calendars)

You would create 2 calendars, let's call them Church and Personal.

On the Church calendar, you add all your public events, and this is the calendar you publish on your website.

On your personal calendar, you merge in the Church calendar, but you also add your private events. This calendar is not published anywhere, and its events (both from Church & personal) are only visible to you when you sign into localendar.com

You will probably want a Webmaster subscription for each calendar. You'll need one on your Personal calendar to enable merging, and you'll probably also want one on the public Church calendar so there are no ads.

You can learn more about merging in our docs:
Marc Higgins
Support Associate, localendar.com
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