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Posted by radekast at Feb 13, 2016, 6:22:35 AM
Integration into Wordpress

many problems would not have to deal with if it was localendar fully integrated into WordPress. Abbreviations months , days , ... - everything is contained in languages ​​Wordpress. For example, abbreviated month :

If localendar synchronized events in the database , it would be a quick read . Thus, it is wrong - very slow. The entire site is due localendar loads very slowly . It is then penalized from Google Rank , etc .

Posted by support at Feb 21, 2016, 7:15:36 PM
Re: Integration into Wordpress
If localendar were to make more use of Wordpress internals, then localendar would be dependent on your Wordpress install. For example, the Google calendar plugin doesn't story any data in Wordpress.

The Wordpress plugin is a way for our members to embed localendar calendars into Wordpress; not tie localendar tightly to a 3rd-party platform. We are more than just a add-on for Wordpress.

If you wish to suggest language corrections, we are always happy to make them.

Regarding performance, localendar routinely runs tools like Google PageSpeed and Yahoo ySlow to analyze performance. You should use these tools to optimze the rest of your site before assuming localendar is causing any penalty. And if you are truly worried, you should use the <iframe> include style on your calendar.
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