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Posted by rubens at Apr 12, 2016, 5:33:44 PM
Newbie: Some doubts

I'm testing Localendar and have some basic doubts:

Any plans to develop a "Mini Today + Happening Soon" to combine below "Mini Calendar" or maybe a combined "Mini Calendar + Today + Happening Soon"?

I've tried "Today + Happening Soon" on Iframe, but it doesn't fit a 200 px column or close.

On the bottom of "Today + Happening Soon" there are "Full event list" and "Search" buttons, that don't get translated (I've chosen Portuguese)... Found a few more untranslated words elsewhere, are they easy to fix/suppress?

Regarding days of weeks: Segunda (Monday) is show as "Seg." wich is quite unusual, common are "Seg" or "S", or maybe easier, input fields for users to type shorter or larger descriptions?

Event detail on "New Small Window" seens to vary, according to browser and device, any chance to better control that?

Suppose I insert a mini calendar on each page of a website, wich has about half a million page views monthly, no issues nor additional costs, or that maybe a problem?

Paid versions are no Ads, but what exactly are Ads? I see "Online Calendar Powered..." at the bottom of most pages, does that stops after payment?

I’ll be happy to hear about any ideas or considerations.

Sorry about my English ,if something wasn't clear, please ask me more details.

Thank you very much,


Posted by support at Apr 22, 2016, 2:13:07 AM
Re: Newbie: Some doubts
Let me take a shot at most of these questions...

"Powered by localendar" only goes away with a Cobrander (not Webmaster subscription), but that's not what we mean by "ads". Ads are served by Google Adsense, and can vary based on what Google wants to show the visitor. These can be removed with a Webmaster level subscription. You probably aren't seeing the ads yet b/c you are still on a free 30-day trial of Webmaster that all new members get.

Regarding translation: Most translations just cover day/month names, etc. You can customize the text yourself on the Today+Happening Soon view under Options->General (click Show More). If you would like to supply other translations for the buttons, we're happy to include them.

Page views are not a problem; we serve millions monthly.

I am curious about your 200px iframe. You don't have to publish the calendar in an iframe; for the Today+Happening Soon view, I would choose one of the javascript versions. If the text is too big to fix properly, you can use our custom CSS hooks to make the text smaller for your space: http://localendar.com/docs/display/lc/Custom+Calendar+CSS

Hope some of that helps!
Marc Higgins
Support Associate, localendar.com
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