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Posted by PattonPublicHouse at Sep 20, 2016, 3:54:46 AM
Need Help
Am having the problem that do not seem able to enter events on the user side for the following month. When try to enter an event on OCT it shows a week line in blue. Only the familiar event text entry shows up for the month of Sept. Am new so figure is something do not understand or am missing.

Posted by support at Sep 22, 2016, 5:38:12 PM
Re: Need Help
From your account, I was able to add a (private) event in Oct with no issues. I just clicked the Add Event button, selected a date in Oct, and it worked as usual.

You can also add an event for a specific date (from the month-block view) by hovering your mouse over the right corner of the Date block on the calendar. A little "+" icon will appear - that's a shortcut to add an event on that date.

I had a little trouble parsing your exactly problem, so if you can explain in more detail maybe I can offer more assistance.
Marc Higgins
Support Associate, localendar.com
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