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Posted by NampaLibrary at Nov 3, 2016, 12:41:46 AM
Merged Calendar images show up as broken on calendar
We have 15 calendars merged into one main calendar that is featured on our library website. Each individual calendar serves as a category on the calendar so that each category shows up with a specific background color. (I can explain this more, if need be.)

The Issue:
I was adding some events to the main calendar today, and when I went to check and see how everything looked on the public side of the calendar, I found that all of the images from all of our merged calendars were broken on the month view. When I click on the events, they pop up in a new little window with the images just fine, but none of the merged calendar images will show up on the month view.

However, all of the images uploaded through the main account calendar show up just fine. This problem extends to the account page as well. Each individual merged calendar's account has no issues displaying the images in month view, but the main host calendar will not.

I removed one of the merged calendars to see if that would rectify the problem at all, but it did nothing. I also removed a merged calendar and re-added it to see if that fixed anything, and nothing. I re-added an image to an event, and nothing. I have NOT re-uploaded an image to see if that helps.

I have lots of people depending on this calendar, and we just barely launched this calendar on our website yesterday (a Wordpress website, if that makes any difference). Please, please help me get it back on its feet!

Thank you!

Posted by support at Nov 4, 2016, 6:36:27 PM
Re: Merged Calendar images show up as broken on calendar
Hi NampaLibrary,

Image uploads are part of the premium localendar subscription packages. So the images aren't showing up from your sub-calendars because those calendars lack a subscription - it doesn't have anything to do with the fact that they are being merged.

As an example, I activated a 30-day trial subscription on your FamWeekdayProg calendar; you will see images from that calendar now appear on your merged NampaLibrary view.

Initially, your calendars were utilizing the free 30-day trial of premium features given on all new accounts. I see several of those periods ended on Nov 3, which is why the images are not being served.
Marc Higgins
Support Associate, localendar.com
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Posted by NampaLibrary at Nov 5, 2016, 4:44:27 PM
Re: Merged Calendar images show up as broken on calendar
Thank you for getting back to me!

I think I am just massively confused about how the Premium Sub Accounts work then. We purchased the Cobrander Ultra Subscription because we wanted the ability to have multiple accounts with access to uploaded images. We need multiple sub accounts to be able to accommodate all of our programming and events at our library.

I poured over your help pages and support forums to understand exactly how this worked and now it is not working the way that I understood it. According to your explanation covering subscriptions on the website:
What exactly is the Cobrander Ultra subscriptions?

To understand this explanation, you should be familiar with Basic calendar cobranding.

Cobranding lets you give your visitors the ability to create their own personal localendar calendars, directly from your site. Each calendar a visitor creates is associated with your main localendar account (also known as the cobranding administration account).

With a Cobrander Ultra subscription, no ads are shown for your cobranding administration account and your cobranded members' accounts. Your cobranding admin account and cobranded members will have individual Task Editors and Discussion boards. Think of this option as giving all of your cobranded members their own personal Webmaster subscription.
[Emphasis added by me; access this webpage by clicking the following link: https://localendar.com/docs/display/lc/Subscriptions#Subscriptions-cobranding]

And under your Webmaster Subscription on your "What's the difference between the various subscription types?" section on that same page, a Webmaster Subscription is listed as having access to Image Uploads with 5MB of space for each user.

We opened each of those accounts through the Cobranding login page for our account. This seemed to be the only way for each account to be attached to the NampaLibrary account so that they would receive the Webmaster subscription, since it says we need to be familiar with basic calendar cobranding.

Is there a different way for us to set up the sub accounts in a way that allows the users to upload images? This is a necessity for us, since we need the extra space for images, and it was the entire reason that we purchased the Cobrander Ultra subscription.

Thank you again for your time and consideration in this matter!

Posted by support at Nov 8, 2016, 1:50:19 AM
Re: Merged Calendar images show up as broken on calendar
Hi Tia,

Amazing! I wrote this whole message below​ to explain how you didn't set things up correctly - and then when I went to fix your calendar, I found you *did* do everything correctly and there must be a bug on our site that's not making uploaded imaged work correctly for your cobranded calendar. Ack! I'm including the below for posterity - but now that I know the issue is on our side we'll track it down quickly.


​Ignore this:

Let me try a bit of a reset.. I think also now that you have set up your calendar it will be much easier for me to help you get to what you want.
​A little quick background on why we started "Cobranding". Cobranding was originally designed so that people who ran websites could let their visitors come and create their own calendars. It would look like a feature offered by their site, but behind-the-scenes, it would really be hosted by localendar.

​When you enable an account for cobranding, localendar creates a sign-up page for just for that account. Because since webmasters want people to think the calendars are being offered by them, and not localendar.com. In your case, this custom page is http://localendar.com/cobrand/NampaLibrary

​Also, many webmasters said "We don't want you to offer to sell our members individual subscriptions. Can't we just pay 1 fee, and let our members have an automatic subscription? And so, Premium Cobranding was born.

​The advantage of Premium Cobranding is that any accounts created under http://localendar.com/cobrand/NampaLibrary all essentially get their own 49.95 subscription. Some members who needed multiple calendars quickly realized this was a lot cheaper than paying $50 for every calendar (especially if they needed more than 3!)

​Based on how you want to include images, etc on all your sub calendars, it looks like you needed them to all have Premium subscriptions. And because you have (as of now) 15 sub-calendars merged, it would be a lot of money ($750) to purchase a subscription for each one. Purchasing a single $149 Ultra subscription was definitely the most cost-effective way to go.

​And it all would have worked perfectly if it weren't for those sneaky-kids.... No wait a sec. I mean, it would have worked perfectly if you created all your other calendars at http://localendar.com/cobrand/NampaLibrary . But you didn't :( Since you created them from the localendar.com homepage and not at your cobranded url, localendar had no way of knowing they should have gotten an automatic subscription.

​So: The solution is super-simple. I have moved all of the accounts you currently have merged under your NampaLibrary account (again,http://localendar.com/cobrand/NampaLibrary )
​If you need to edit or change events on these "sub-calendars", make sure you use that url (and not the localendar.com homepage) to sign in. However, if you need to work with the main NampaLibrary account, since that is your cobranded-master account, you need to sign in at the localendar.com homepage.

​I hope that helps to clear up your understanding! If not, please let me know.

Marc Higgins
Support Associate, localendar.com
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Posted by support at Nov 8, 2016, 6:03:33 PM
Re: Merged Calendar images show up as broken on calendar
All set! Images merged from premium cobranded calendars should now be working correctly.
Marc Higgins
Support Associate, localendar.com
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