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Posted by imageservices at Jan 12, 2017, 10:08:47 PM

Im asking for a refund due to lack of help; I have been asking for help for 3 days now with a login problem ie I cant log in to my cobrand section. I get that your are busy a simple "we are looking into it" would do a world of good. I have posted up a thread about hey i cant log in and its have since been deleted. I wish to move forward on this as fast as possible if I don't hear from you by Friday I will have my credit card reverse the the charges on my card and go else were.

Posted by jasonsullivan at Jan 18, 2017, 1:49:52 AM
Re: refund
I responded to two of your support emails last month and earlier this month. Are you still having trouble?
Jason Sullivan
Support Associate

Posted by imageservices at Jan 19, 2017, 6:47:33 PM
Re: refund
I noted your reply on January 18. It comes 6 days after my latest and last request. I have made 3 requests for help concerning accessing my account and using your product since I purchased it on January 9th. Your failure to communicate has caused me to miss important deadlines for completing a vital project for my company. Your prevailing attitude of slow response/no response to customer requests leaves me with no other conclusion than - I can not rely on your company to assist me in using the product that I purchase from your company. It is now 10 full days since my purchase. As of this writing I STILL CANNOT access my account! I get noting but error messages when I attempt to log in "Sorry, that account name and email could not be found. ". Based on this reality I can no longer wait for your late responses nor endure trying to utilize a product that I can not access. I am greatly concerned about the problems that will likely occur IF I were even able to access and attempt to use the product. Based on the disaster of this simple communication process I now have ZERO confidence that your product will operate correctly. If your company cannot even communicate properly, what other problems lay in wait? Can you imagine finding 3 or 4 or more minor problems and finding it necessary to wait 3 or 4 days for each and every communication to resolve the problem? No thanks! Consider this reply message as my official notice that I am demanding a full refund of the purchase price of $149.95 from invoice #2402-6986. You should have no problem providing me a full refund without further adieu. I have not opened or utilized your product even once. I have not gained a benefit of any kind through this purchase. In fact I have wasted and lost valuable time in completing my tasks. I have suffered embarrassment and loss of credibility making lame excuses as to why I have not been able to complete my task. Please refund my full purchase price immediately. I request that you communicate with me and let me know when I can expect my refund. I will keep an eye on my bank account. I am expecting a response without delay. If I do not receive my reply/refund within a few days, I will seek other action through my bank or other legal means at my disposal.

You can communicate with me further by contact me at 209 579-5516 to expedite my refund.


Posted by support at Jan 27, 2017, 2:22:26 AM
Re: refund
Your timeline does not match what I see in our ticketing system:

We replied on Jan 12, not the 18th. You opened 3 tickets in the prior 2 days (Jan 10 and 11). The forums are not the correct venue for account access issues which require quicker response. That is why there is a Contact Us page.

We provided a solution by explaining that you were attempting to sign into your account from an incorrect url.

I have refunded your cobranding account; please let me know if you would like to remove the accounts you created.
Marc Higgins
Support Associate, localendar.com
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