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Posted by wallersl at Mar 24, 2017, 6:42:00 PM
love struck   Email limitations
I understand that you limit the number of emails for a list (or rather the number of characters that can be typed into an email list) so that you don't get used by spammers. I have a list of 25 emails for our group of officers. Your limits are intimating my ability to make two reminders for this group - the reminders feature was one of the reasons i chose your calendar to begin with. Using Yahoo groups is a non-stater because they require adding members via invites. My group is composed of elderly persons who are, in many cases, email phobic and computer illiterate. You currant limit is approximately 400 characters. Could you consider increase your limitations to 600 characters (or under 30 email addresses) to allow for small groups to use your function?

Posted by support at Apr 2, 2017, 3:33:13 PM
Re: Email limitations
There are 2 email lists (1 and 2) each with 400 characters. Does that not address your 600 character need?
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