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Posted by PennHomes at Apr 28, 2017, 7:51:22 PM
Remove Footer Display Options
See link.
Is there any way to remove the filters below "Live Where You Play"?


Posted by support at May 3, 2017, 1:49:18 AM
Re: Remove Footer Display Options
You have 2 sets of checkboxes in your calendar's footer.

The first is for merged calendars. The second is for your custom categories.

To hide the merged calendars legend:
On the Merge page (Premium Menu tab, Merge) - uncheck the box for "Include a merged calendar legend on your public calendar" (your setting is saved automatically)

To hide your custom category legend:
Go to the Custom Category page (the easiest way is to edit an event, and click the Edit Categories link
Uncheck the checkbox for "Include a category legend on your public calendar" (again, this is saved automatically)
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