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Posted by calliduscloudnexus at Jul 18, 2017, 4:30:52 PM
Are email addresses for reminders done by user agents?
Localendar is a public calendar (logins are not required), so the only way to differentiate users is by the browser they are using on a computer. Is that done by user agent in the HTTP header? How do you tell the difference between two people running the same browser on the same type of computer? I haven't been asked this question by a customer yet, but I probably will. Thanks!

Posted by support at Jul 19, 2017, 7:12:45 PM
Re: Are email addresses for reminders done by user agents?
The short/easy answer is, a cookie is associated with the site visitor.

However, ask a technical question, get a technical answer ;)
When a client visits the webapp for the first time and/or the HttpSession is obtained for the first time via request.getSession(), the servlet container creates a new HttpSession object, generates a long and unique ID, and store it in the server's memory. The servlet container also sets a Cookie in the Set-Cookie header of the HTTP response with JSESSIONID as its name and the unique session ID as its value.
The session referenced above is normally only valid for the length of time the browser is open. However, localendar sets a site-specific cookie as well.
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Posted by calliduscloudnexus at Jul 19, 2017, 9:10:08 PM
Re: Are email addresses for reminders done by user agents?
Thanks, Marc. That makes sense. The site-specific cookie allows the memory of what email address someone uses for a specific browser to be kept.

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