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Posted by millendbaptist at Nov 16, 2017, 6:20:24 PM
Putting your calendars on a website
I have made a calendar, and now i'm trying to make a basic website to put it on. I'm looking at free websites, but I can't find any that will accept the HTML code generated by the wizard. Can anyone advise where to go, or where I am going wrong? Or do I really have to pay for an expensive website just to add the different calendars that I specifically came to Localendar for.

Posted by support at Nov 21, 2017, 1:12:26 AM
Re: Putting your calendars on a website
That seems crazy! Almost any website builder should allow you to paste in custom html, and we are about as simple as it gets. We have a plugin for weebly, have you tried them?

What are some other sites you have looked at? I'll have a look and see if the situation is as bleak as you describe wink
Marc Higgins
Support Associate, localendar.com
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