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Posted by NCB at Aug 10, 2008, 8:38:18 PM
Member Names in Sharing
I think I must not quite understand how the sharing works. I have listed names in the sharing section of those whom I want to be able to view, but not edit, our calendar - but if someone types in our public calendar address, they just log on with the same username and password I use from the localendar homepage - it doesn't matter if they are listed as a member or not. Further, if they figure out to just log in from the localendar home page rather than from the "public" address - they can change anything they want on our calendar! What am I missing?



Posted by support at Aug 11, 2008, 8:09:54 PM
Re: Member Names in Sharing
The owner of the calendar always has access to it; so yes, if someone knows your calendar's id and password, they can use that to get access to it.

The idea behind sharing is that people use their own localendar member name and password to sign into your calendar. You should add their names to the Sharing list, but also change your password so no one else knows it.
Marc Higgins
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