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Posted by CalNaz at Aug 28, 2009, 7:39:48 AM
Active Linkis for Merged Calendars
We currently have 6 calendars. 5 are merged with our main calendar and there is a graphic on the main calendar showing the merged calendars.

Is there a way for you to make the "buttons" in that graphic active links so that we can move from one calendar to the other without having to sign off the current calendar and sign on to the merged calendars? There would also need to be that same graphic on each of the merged calendars so we could navigate back to the main calendar/other merged calendars

Posted by support at Aug 30, 2009, 9:27:31 PM
Re: Active Linkis for Merged Calendars
As you know, the text on the legends currently takes you to a full-page (view only) view of the merged calendar.

Because the merged calendars can be maintained by different users (with different id/passwords) having to sign out/in is a necessity for security.

However, we are considering an easier way for users to have multiple calendars *per member account* which would address your issue.

This is at least 1 month out however, as we're working on some other enhancements right now.
Marc Higgins
Support Associate, localendar.com
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