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I've been using Localendar imbedded in my website and have been looking for but can't find any service like this one that allows someone to imbed a 'Breaking News' or other information plus a photo in a website as easily as Localendar is able to do with it's calendar?

Specifically, I'm designing a small city community website and am using an application on a Mac that only I want to work with but I'd like 'contributors' to be able to post 'Breaking News' with perhaps a photo into the homepage, perhaps in an Iframe.

Example, there was a 'City Council' meeting last night. Nothing has been posted anywhere regarding what took place during that meeting. It would be great if a contributor (I trusted) that was at the meeting was able to post what took place. As it is now, they send me an email and I spend the time to update the website to reflect the new 'news'.

If it could happen without me going through the steps myself it would be great.

Here's my website with Localendar embedded. http://www.danapointlife.org
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