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Because I have too many Email recipients for Reminders, I have been attempting to set up something in Google groups, which from reading the threads, some of you use. I went to thread=1181#4344 [Re: Event Modifications], and I think I did everything correctly. But no Reminder Emails are sent.

I have entered three members in my group. The first member is the owner (me) and my primary Email address. I have delivery set to All Email, and Posting Permission as Default (member is not allowed to post).

The second member is an additional Email address that I have. The settings are the same as for the owner above.

The third member is remind_agent@localendar.com. Posting Permission is Override: member is allowed to post. I tried two different Email delivery settings: No Email, and All Email.

The group name is VolunteerTP. Google told me the Grooup Email address is volunteertp@googlegroups.com, so this is what I entered on the Localendar Reminder Email list, along with another Email address I have which is NOT in Google groups (to help me sort out where the problem might be).

Google sent an Email to me as owner telling me I had set up the group, and another Email to the 2nd member noted above telling me that this Email had been added. So it seems that at least that part of the process is working.

But as I said earlier, NO reminders are received at any of the Email addresses.

Google groups has lots of settings, and perhaps there is one somewhere that I set wrong, or missed.

Could someone who is using Google groups successfully for Localendar Reminder Emails let me know what Google settings are important, and which don't matter?

At this point, any and all guidance would be very helpful.


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