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The month of April bottom of calendar of events are cut off. The date number is still visible and part of the weather ICONS but the events below them I'm unable to get to view them.
I tried selecting May but that completely cleared all of April's calendar.
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localendar Expert

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Go here for three options shown in Localendar documentation:

If the height of your calendar does not change much from month to month, then any of the ones suggested will work fine.

But if the calendar does have a large height variation, there is a trick you can use, depending on what website program you are using and what your coding skill is. Most programs have a feature called an Inspector, or something similar, where you can view the Layers of all the items on the page where you have your calendar. The layer at the top of the column is the layer closest to you when viewing, and the the layer at the bottom of the column is the layer farthest from you when viewing. The rectangle you use to frame the calendar is on a layer. The trick is to move that Rectangle layer toward the top of the column so every entry that is physically below the rectangle is also below the Rectangle in the layer list. Then the calendar will simply overlap what is below.

You can see this on my website: http://www.ottawapark.org/calendar-ottawa-park-toledo.html.

Set my calendar to April, 2016. You will see white space below the calendar, and three pictures near the bottom of the page. Now go to June. You will see that the pictures are partly hidden, but the text below the pictures is still there. Now go to July. Everything is covered. In fact, for July, the visible page is actually longer than the page I created for the website.

If you are confused about layers, let me know and I will post an image of what I am talking about. But as I said, this may or may not work with the program you use to create your website.

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