Tons of Features at Your Fingertips


Custom Month, Week, Day, and Year Formats

Go beyond the traditional Month, Week, Day, and Year formats by selecting from our 10 different calendar layout styles

Custom Calendar Title and Footer

Use your own logo, colors, heading text, lines, and links

Let Visitors Create and Suggest Events

Let visitors to your calendar suggest their own events. You decide if they should be added automatically or approved first

Custom Labels for Calendar Views

For example, publish a "Today+Happening Soon" view using the label "Upcoming Concerts"

Multi-Language Support

Publish your calendar in a variety of languages

Flexible Week Start

Your calendar starts when your week does

12 or 24-Hour Time Format

Choose the time format that's right for you and your visitors

Add Additional Admins

Allow other users to add and edit events on your calendar

Responsive Views

Custom views and CSS hooks allow you to adapt the calendar formatting to the broadest range of devices


Sophisticated "Repeating Event" Functionality

Our powerful event recurrence support goes beyond the basic functionality that other calendar services provide

Custom HTML in Event Titles

Go beyond plain event titles by changing the font color, size, adding images and links, and any other changes you can express in HTML

Common Location Information

Add a common location (with accompanying map) to all of your events automatically

Upload your own Images

You're not limited to our built-in clipart; upload your own and use it throughout your calendar

Color-Code Events

Organize your events or make particular ones "pop" with custom background colors

Public and Private Events

Public events are visible to anyone who visits your calendar's Public URL, or views your calendar from a website widget. Private events are only visible to you, the calendar owner, when you're signed in

Easily Clear a Range of Events

It's easy to perform basic housekeeping functions like on your calendar such as clearing a range of events between a date range

Custom Event Categories

Create your own color-coded event categories to easily group related events together

Custom HTML in Event Descriptions

Step into HTML when needed to precisely tweak and tune the content of your event description

4,000 character Event Descriptions

There's more than enough room to add a robust description to each event on your calendar

Use Images and Clipart in Event Title

Clipart and your custom images can easily be added to the Event Title and will display on your calendar

Event Reminders and Tweets

Configure flexible reminders for yourself and others in advance of an event's occurrence

Publish Local Events

Your Public local events can also be published to our searchable local database. This lets anyone trying to find out what's happening near them locate your event

Edit Occurrences for Repeating Events

Need to change a specific occurrences of a repeating event due to weather or last minute changes? Not a problem

WYSIWYG Event Editor

Create a professionally formatted description for your event using a familiar word-processor-style interface

Common Event Information

Add recurring text (such as 'About Us', contact info, etc) to all of your events automatically without tedious retyping

Built-in Clipart Library, over 400 images more than 10 categories

Custom-created for localendar by a leading design firm, our clipart library gives your calendar a fun, engaging style and lets you draw attention to specific events

Use Images and Clipart in Event Descriptions

Add multiple images and clipart items to your events to create highly visual and detailed descriptions

Automatic Maps to Event Location

Provide location details for your event, and localendar will automatically generate a map and/or directions for your visitors

Flexible Start and End Times

Your events can be All Day, have a definitive Start and End time, or be open-ended events and start at a certain time but finish whenever. localendar will display this information in a clear, concise manner

Show specific Private Events as "Busy/Booked"

Let visitors know when are you are busy/booked during a certain time without sharing the details of the event


Publish Wizard: Generates HTML, you just copy/paste

Our Publish Wizard lets you preview how your calendar will look on your website, and then automatically creates the HTML you need to paste onto your site

No iframes required (fully interactive embedded calendar) - height adjusts dynamically

Other calendar providers force you to use an an HTML <iframe> to show their calendar on your site. What you wind up with is a clunky, unnatural solution with embedded scrollbars, large empty areas, or clipped content. Only localendar has an HTML-based (no Flash required!) widget that functions effortlessly within your site. Each month's calendar will be perfectly sized to fit within your page and blend with your content

Mini calendar with pop-up event balloons

Limited real estate on your web page? Our mini-calendar widget takes up almost no space, and has cool date pop-up balloons that provide a summary view of a day's events. You can fully customize the look-and-feel

Block style views (for Month and Week)

localendar supports several versions of the popular "Month Block" view typically used on wall calendars

Today+Happening Soon (with customizable look-ahead option)

This calendar view style shows what events are happening right now, and in the future. You can select how far to "look ahead" when building this view

Live Preview, right from the Publish Wizard

No guesswork required: Preview your calendar -with all its events, special effects, and customizations- before you decide to incorporate it into your site

Publish a local search calendar

Need events? Add a local search calendar to your site that lets visitors find out what's going on near them

Static embedded calendar style

Need to focus on a specific time period? Our static calendar style enforces the display of the current month, week, or day, or a specific date that you select

Include RSS and iCal links on published calendars

Let visitors subscribe and sync to your events with direct links at the bottom of your calendar. These links may also be hidden

Publish Ad-Free Calendars

Free calendars may display advertisements, but we provide subscription plans to remove all ads

iFrame support

There may be certain page layouts that work better with an iFrame, so localendar supports that option when you need it

No website required (publish a link)

Don't have a website? Your calendar is also accessible via a simple URL that you can print in newsletters, email to friends, etc.

Dynamically Replace Month/Week/Day into Text

localendar can automatically inject the month, week, or day into your event title and footer. This lets you automatically rotate specific images into your calendar depending on the date or season

Hide Past Events option

Why dwell on the past? localendar lets you hide events that have already occurred

Newspaper-style view (for day/week/month)

localendar can display your upcoming events in "list" format, similar to what newspapers commonly use

Special Transition Effects

8 different "transition" effects that can be applied to your public calendar when visitors move to a different time period: Fade, Vertical Slide and Fade, Zoom In, Bounce Right, Curtain, and more!

Look and Feel

Powerful WYSIWYG Theme Editor

Our custom point-and-click widget gives you amazing control over the look and feel of your calendar. No CSS or development skills required!

Transparency Support

Selectively change calendar elements to let your existing site background and colors "bleed through" onto your calendar

Built-in Themes

Built-in skins let you customize your entire calendar from a single drop-down list

Custom Image Backgrounds

Upload your own images to make your calendar seamlessly fit your site

Custom CSS Support

Pre-allocated CSS hooks let you dig deep into localendar for even richer customizations

Merge Calendars

Merge directly from other localendar accounts

Merge multiple calendars onto a single view for a great way to track and coordinate numerous schedules. Perfect for the busy team or family!

Color-Code Merged Events

Make merged events pop by color-coding them on your calendar and merged-calendar legend

Merge via iCal feed

Dynamically sync from thousands of free iCal-based feeds to add custom holidays, sports schedules, and more to your calendar

Nickname Merged Calendars

Create a simple legend on your calendar by designating custom nicknames for merged calendars


Global Weather Forecasts

Add local weather information to your calendar, no matter where you are

Forecast Images

Add local weather images to your calendar for a quick overview of current and upcoming weather conditions

Forecast Text

Include a description of current and future weather information


Resource Scheduling

Manage visitor-created appointments and reservations on your calendar

Overlap Protection

Prevent any resource bookings from overlapping, or prevent individual resources from being double-booked

Confirm Bookings

Allow tentative reservations that require a calendar administrator to confirm

Control Availability

Decide when items can be booked: Set "Availability" times for the entire calendar or specific resources

Fixed or Flexible Durations

Set fixed lengths for a booking/reservation, or allow times to be customized


Search for local events

Find events taking place near you by searching across our Published Event database. These events are pulled from the published content of thousands of other localendar calendars

Search within a calendar (sorted by relevancy, custom search period)

Our built-in search option lets you quickly navigate to events you have entered on your calendar

Public Search on calendar

Let visitors easily locate events details on your calendar with our powerful in-calendar search option


Allow calendar to be public to everyone

Provide an unrestricted Public view that allows anyone to view the events you choose

Simple Public Url

Access your calendar anywhere, from any device, with a simple custom url

Restrict Calendar to Specific Users

Protect private calendars by restricting them to a list of users that you control


Extensive online knowledge base

Our wiki provides up-to-date directions and examples for getting the most out of your localendar account. Browse and search it online, or download the PDF for a comprehensive reference

Support Forums

Connect with other localendar members, ask questions, and get new ideas by joining our online community

Contact Us

For those times when the online wiki and forums still can't get your question answered, we're here to help


Generate Printable View

Unlike other web calendars' Printable View options, localendar's will always show all of the events taking place on a given date. No truncation or skipped events!


Live Sync with Google, iOS, Facebook, Hotmail (Windows Live), Yahoo

Each calendar has a simple url that can be used to live-sync your public events to other calendar programs that support iCal. You can also sync feeds from these external programs directly into your calendar. Imported feeds can be color-coded to make them stand out

Export to Google, iOS (iCal), Hotmail (Windows Live), Yahoo, Outlook 2003/2007/2010

If you don't want a live sync (or your other calendar program doesn't support it), you can also export your event information to a file and manually import this information into external programs

Upload events from Outlook 2003/2007/2010, iCal, or .ics and .csv files

localendar understands both the iCal file format as well as raw CSV files. You will be able to get your events onto your calendar

Backup your Calendar

Zero lock-in: Export your data at any time to standard iCal format for complete portability to other calendar programs


Built-in Holiday Lists

localendar maintains event lists across many popular categories. You can optionally include corresponding clipart images for these events onto your calendar

Import Holiday Feeds

localendar's iCal support lets you import additional holiday feeds from external sites like or


Free Cobranding

Give visitors to your site the ability to create and maintain their own personal calendars. It's a great way to keep visitors coming back

Remove "Powered by localendar" tagline

With an optional Cobrander subscription, the small "Powered by" tagline at the bottom of your calendar pages is not displayed

Custom Login Page for Your Site

Your cobranded login page can be custom-colored and branded with an image to blend seamlessly with your site

Branded with Your Logo

Customize your cobranded localendar pages by adding your organization's logo

Custom Theme for Your Users

Set the default color/theme options that new calendar users will receive to match your site's aesthetic

Discussion Forums

Your Own Forums

Full-featured discussion forums are available per each account. Use either alone or in conjunction with your calendar to build out the perfect site

Task Editor

Task Editor

Keep track of your to-do items and track your completion progress using localendar's Task Editor

Custom Sorting

Sort by tasks by what's important: Percent Complete, Priority, Due Date, or Title

Quick Add Screen

Provides a fast, simple way to add tasks to your to-do list

Due-Date Reminders

Never miss a deadline again! Add task due-dates to your calendar automatically

WYSIWYG Task Descriptions

Use the full-featured editor to add detailed task descriptions that include custom fonts/colors, images, and more

Add uploaded images and clipart to Tasks

Because sometimes getting a task done requires more than just plain text instructions


16+ Years of Service

Launched in 1999, localendar has been the premiere web calendar provider for over 15 years. For stability and security, why go anywhere else?


Our data centers include redundant tier 1 Internet access providers, generator backup, and N+1 HVAC systems to ensure your calendar is served quickly and reliably

Twitter Integration

Twitter Integration

Send custom tweets for event reminders. Or use localendar as a powerful tweet scheduling system

WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugin

Why use a slow, stripped-down calendar plugin that offers only a few basic features when you can have the power of a free localendar calendar on your site?

Download the localendar WordPress plugin from