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Hi Henry,

You seem to have two concerns:
1) The uploaded images do not appear
2) You would like more info on the image size (or be able to resize it?) afterwards

The images are not resized; whatever size you upload is the size that will be used. There is no "correct" size; you may want a large image for a calendar background, a small image for an event shown on the month-view, or a medium sized image for an event's description box. We assume that you will size the image correctly before you upload it.

If you don't though, we do offer the ability to resize an image when you use it in an Event Description. When you click on the Insert/Edit button in the Description taskbar, the image list will contain images you have uploaded. After inserting one, you can re-size it as desired.

I am not sure about your issue seeing images (#1) since your concern about re-sizing them would seem to be in contradiction. Using images is described in this page in our docs:
Marc Higgins
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